Intuitive Healing Sessions

with Melanie


As human beings we came here to evolve.  We came here to shine and share our gifts. 

I often get the message that healing is cumulative.  When you are willing to focus and do the inner work that it takes to shine the light on those dark places, to process and release the past hurts and traumas that are stored in your unconscious mind and physical body, it all adds up.
Cumulative healing never goes away and it can never be taken away.  It changes your vibration and enables you to reach your highest potential and live your best life possible.

I love guiding people in turning their wounds into wisdom and using their life experiences as rocket fuel.

My 1:1 Healing Sessions and Mini Sessions are the perfect containers to experience this.

In the Healing Session we will:

  • Create sacred space & set an intention
  • Take a fun and impactful journey into letting go of, opening up, and bringing forth whatever is on purpose for your highest good to heal at this time.
  • Using my 5 Principles of Healing, we will tap into the wisdom of your body, to heal on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.
  • At the end of each session you will receive guidance/activities on how to continue your healing process after our time together.

After your Healing Session, you will:

  • Feel rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit
  • Play with new ways of being
  • Make space in your life for what you truly desire
  • Create new neural pathways to open up to your authentic self so your soul is made more visible
Book 1:1 Healing Session
Book 20 Minute Mini Session

“I have been working with Melanie for many years and highly recommend her healing sessions.  Melanie is truly gifted in providing intuitive and inspiring wisdom, interspersed with input from spiritual guides.  I have always experienced our time together as profound and magical. I trust Melanie with my deepest emotions and fears, knowing that her loving essence will help me clear negative blocks and shift in a positive way.”    

 ~   Laura D.

“I have been working with Melanie for over a decade.  Her method is really magical for healing trauma, anxiety and stress.  My monthly healing sessions help me clear the obstacles that come up so that I can do the work I’m meant to do in the world!”


 ~ Tracy M.

 “Working with Melanie’s style of healing is life changing in one session.  Melanie’s intuition and body of work is comparable to several years of talk therapy condensed into one session spent with her.  I’m in awe of how I feel and what I’ve moved through in my 1:1 Healing sessions. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found her and her work!”

~  Jennifer J.

About Me 

I'm Melanie and I believe a healer is someone who helps you find the key within for your own ability to heal.  My work is a blend of science and spirituality.  I have a Master’s Degree in Movement Science from Florida State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Communicative Disorders from the University of Central Florida.  I've been a physiologist, a Director of Fitness at Bethesda Memorial Hospital's Wellness Facility, USUI Third Degree Reiki Master, and a Cranio Sacral Therapist specializing in Somatoemotional release. I've been working as an intuitive healer for over three decades!

I can support you in:

  • Honoring your sacred energy field and physical body
  • Healing your emotional body by releasing outworn patterns and trauma
  • Turning your wounds into wisdom and using your life experiences as rocket fuel

When you say YES every area of your life is welcome to join--the challenges AND the joys! 

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